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We started our ecotourism and conservation-focused website, Green Global Travel, in 2010.

Our mission was simple: We wanted our words, photos and videos to help “Save the world, one story at a time,” inspiring people to travel and live in a more eco-friendly fashion. We believe that going green is a gradual process, and encourage people to make simple changes one baby step at a time.

When we looked at our business model, we didn’t want to deluge readers with lots of ads and sponsored posts. But opening this Fair Trade Boutique seemed like a natural fit.

One of the main themes of Ecotourism is that it should benefit local communities. By buying products from Fair Trade-certified exporters or buying directly from the indigenous artists themselves when we travel, we can ensure that locals earn a fair wage for their work.

By giving 10% of all profits from our Fair Trade Boutique to conservation projects in developing nations, we hope to make a positive social and environment impact on these places we love to travel as well as providing a more sustainable income source.

In addition to buying arts and crafts, we’ve been making crafty gifts for friends and family for years. We’ve made beaded jewelry ever since we started going to Native American Pow Wows in the early ‘90s.

So our Wildlife Bracelets That Give Back allow us to combine 3 of our passions: Making things by hand, animals, and wildlife conservation.

With Bret's teenage daughter trying to save money for college, our Fair Trade Boutique quickly became a family effort. Every bracelet is made together as a family, huddled around the kitchen table. We hope to add more unique homemade products as our business grows.

So when you buy from us, you're helping in three ways– you're paying artisans in developing nations a fair wage, you're funding conservation efforts, and you're helping our family run Green Global Travel as an ad-free website. We hope you enjoy our Fair Trade Boutique, and that you'll feel good about shopping with a company that genuinely wants to do good things for the world!

With gratitude,

Bret, Mary and Alex

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